You may be familiar with the real estate mantra: Location, location, location. Essentially, it means the value of real estate assets can increase or decrease due solely to the location of those assets.

The location, location, location mantra also applies to the Google ads that you sponsor through Heroic Media’s OAASYS service. When a young woman does a Google search on her smartphone to obtain information for getting an abortion, Google displays the relevant search results almost instantaneously. The woman will then respond by clicking on one of the search results.

In Google’s lexicon, response rates to Google search results are called CTR, which is an acronym for Click-Through-Rate. Importantly, research shows that the top search result, in other words, the number one location, receives double the number of responses, on average, than the search result in the number two location just below it. You can see this in the graph below, where the search result in the number one position earned a CTR of over 30, while the search result in the number two position earned a CTR below 15.

Source: Philip Petrescu,

These CTR results are for “organic” search results, not the paid advertisements that Google places above the organic search results. However, I think the same principle also applies to the location of paid advertisements.

OAASYS is programmed to always bid for the top ad position, the number one location, in all the markets where OAASYS is active. When a woman does a Google search for information about getting an abortion, achieving the top ad position in the search results offers the highest probability that the woman will respond to the Google ad that you generously sponsor. If she responds to your sponsored ad, she will then have the opportunity to connect with one of Heroic Media’s highly-trained Pregnancy Help Center partners. That connection can lead to the woman receiving the help and hope she needs to change her mind about getting an abortion.

Our team at Heroic Media is deeply grateful to you for providing the support that enables OAASYS to compete for the top ad location in all the markets where OAASYS is active.


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