At Heroic Media, we believe there is a significant difference between Pregnancy Resource Centers (aka PRCs) and Pregnancy Help Centers (aka PHCs).

In our view, most centers that refer to themselves as PRCs are primarily focused on providing support to women facing unexpected pregnancies who are already likely to carry their babies to term. These women find themselves in a difficult situation, and can definitely benefit from the services offered by PRCs, but they are not actively seeking to abort their babies.

PHCs, on the other hand, are specifically focused on reaching women facing unexpected pregnancies who are actively seeking to get an abortion. PHCs compete directly with Planned Parenthood for abortion-minded clients.

Women become abortion-minded because they are afraid. Planned Parenthood’s strategy is to take advantage of a woman’s fear by offering to eliminate, by an abortion, what Planned Parenthood falsely claims is the source of that fear: the preborn baby.

Pregnancy Help Centers, on the other hand, know that the source of a woman’s fear is not the preborn baby. Her source of fear is that she can’t see how she can overcome the future challenges that having a baby will present. Those challenges can feel so overwhelming that she too quickly decides an abortion is her only option.

Pregnancy Help Centers respond to a woman’s concerns by offering the only thing that can effectively quell her fears: LOVE. And I don’t mean a sentimental “feel good” kind of love. I mean sacrificial love in the model of the Good Samaritan.

PHCs do what it takes to help a woman overcome her fears. And we know from our statistics that this kind of love is very effective in moving abortion-minded women toward a decision for life. Across our PHC partner network, on average, over 50% of abortion-minded women change their minds and choose life following their PHC appointments.

Before we activate OAASYS in a new market, to reach abortion-minded women with Google search advertisements, we first find a PHC partner in that market that is equipped to effectively minister to abortion-minded women. The prospective PHC partner must demonstrate through actual results that they are effective at saving lives from abortion. Once we partner with a PHC, our team at Heroic Media offers ongoing specialized training, enabling our PHC partner to continually improve their effectiveness.

It is not a stretch to say that the degree of impact your generous gifts have on helping save lives from abortion is directly related to the effectiveness of our PHC partners. This is why we are very selective when we choose PHCs to participate in our OAASYS program. Heroic Media’s effective PHC partners ensure that your gifts will help save more lives from abortion.





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