The Apostle Paul likens us to “jars of clay” to illustrate how, like humble earthen vessels, we are weak and fragile, easily broken and shattered.

He goes on to say, however, that we hold the treasure of Jesus’ resurrection power in these jars of clay, a power that is from God and not of us.

A power that gives hope, even in the bleakest of circumstances!

If there was ever a time in John’s life where he felt helpless, weak, and fragile like a clay jar, it was now.

His girlfriend, Emma, had informed him that she was pregnant.

The next thing she said devastated him to his core: “I’ve decided I’m going to have an abortion.”

John desperately did not want his baby to be killed.

Yet, the law had given Emma alone the “legal rights” to decide their baby’s fate, and she was determined to exercise her “rights” to terminate the life of their baby.

John felt he could do was stand by, helpless.

However, God intervened as only He could!

Emma found Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad in her internet search for an abortion provider, connecting her to our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Tampa, Florida.

The hotline counselor Emma spoke with persuaded her to come in for an appointment, and she agreed.

John accompanied Emma to her appointment with dread in his heart, thinking they were going to an abortion business.

To his great surprise, the client advocate they met with not only explained that they were not an abortion business, but compassionately helped Emma process through her fears about continuing with her pregnancy.

Emma and John agreed to watch a video in which a former abortion provider explained the physical and emotional ramifications of an abortion.

Both Emma and John broke down in tears as the video played.

Emma, held in John’s arms, sobbed as she realized the truth of what an abortion would do to her and to her baby.

John saw the walls around Emma’s heart start to come down during their counseling session, and for the first time, he felt hopeful that she would change her mind.

The ultrasound of their baby finally helped Emma slam the door on the abortion option.

Hearing her baby’s heartbeat was one of the most powerful moments in her life and cemented her decision to choose life!

The treasure of God’s resurrection power in our “jars of clay moments,” where we feel most helpless, brought about this dramatic change of heart for Emma at the pregnancy help center.

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS helps many fathers like John rescue their babies from abortion through the intervention of our compassionate and skilled PHC partners offering the truth and real help.


2 Corinthians 4:7-9: “Now we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this surpassingly great power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”


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