Fear is paralyzing. Tania’s last few months had been some of the worst of her life.

Wounds she had carried throughout her life had led her to make decisions she deeply regretted.

Now, she was afraid she was pregnant, and even more afraid of the fact that she did not know who the father of this baby was.

Having been raised by a single mother herself, Tania had never wanted to repeat the cycle.

She was almost done with her university studies and the only thing she wanted to bring home to her dear mother was a college degree, not the news of an unexpected pregnancy.

Tania Googled for abortion information and clicked on the first link she saw.

It was a Heroic Media ad which connected her with our Pregnancy Help Center partner in New York City.

Tania texted the number displayed on the page and was able to set up an appointment.

Tania evaluated the counselor when she met her at the center and decided she could trust her enough to share what was really going on.

Tania opened up and revealed that it was ultimately shame that was driving her toward an abortion.

She did not know how she could face her mother, or anyone else, knowing the circumstances resulting in her pregnancy.

She simply wanted to erase everything she had done and start over.

Tania’s counselor listened with kindness and gently reminded her that,even if she had an abortion, her motherhood could not be erased.

She showed Tania the beauty of this newly discovered motherhood.

She spoke words of encouragement and told Tania that it was in choosing a loving alternative to abortion that Tania could find the healing and closure she desired.

After hearing these words of truth and encouragement, coupled with seeing her baby on the ultrasound screen, Tania’s heart was changed.

Through the love and encouragement of the center, Tania was able to overcome both her fear and her shame.

She chose life for her precious baby!

Psalm 52:9: “For what you have done I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people. And I will hope in your name, for your name is good.”


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