Last week in Tampa, Florida, we activated a new Emergency Response Google Ads campaign through OAASYS (On-demand Alternatives to Abortion SYStem), our internet advertising service that saves lives from abortion. We are deeply grateful to our generous Heroic Media benefactors for making possible the expansion of OAASYS into another major U.S. city! Thank you!

We began running our ads in Tampa on Monday, January 7, at 12:22pm Eastern Standard Time. Less than 5 minutes (4 minutes and 22 seconds to be exact!) after our ads began appearing in Google’s search results in Tampa, an abortion-minded woman clicked on one of our ads and contacted our Pregnancy Help Center partner!

How were we able to reach that woman so quickly? Remember that OAASYSis completely integrated into Google’s internet search platform that reaches into almost every connected smart phone, tablet and laptop in every city across our country. This enables us to begin running ads immediately in any city once we establish a partnership with a Pregnancy Help Center.

This is the message we received from our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Tampa not long after starting the ad campaign:

“We got our first call at 12:26. This woman was Abortion-Determined. Already had Pregnancy Test & Ultrasound in a different center in December. Our receptionist kept talking to her and set an appointment for an additional Ultrasound on Wednesday. Pray with us for this young client between now and Wed at 10am.”

The possible life-saving connection made with this abortion-minded woman, within minutes of starting our program in Tampa, demonstrates the unique promise of the rapid deployment capability within OAASYS.

We don’t yet know the result of this young woman’s appointment at our partner’s center. What we do know is that if a Heroic Media ad had not appeared when she did a Google search for information about getting an abortion, she almost certainly would have ended up aborting her child at Planned Parenthood.

The Heroic Media ads that you and other generous benefactors are currently sponsoring in Tampa gave that young woman and her preborn baby a chance at life!

Please join our team at Heroic Media in praying for this young woman and her baby. Please also pray that, today and every day, more Emergency Response Google ads from our OAASYS service will Reach more women, Connectthem to life-saving compassionate care at Pregnancy Help Centers, and help Save many more lives from abortion.


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