Last week, OAASYS began running your sponsored Google ads in San Francisco! Thank you for providing the resources to enable OAASYS to begin reaching abortion-minded women in the San Francisco/Oakland area, and connecting them to our new Pregnancy Help Center partner there. Because of your generosity, more precious lives will be saved from abortion in the San Francisco area. San Francisco is the 9th ranked city in the country in terms of the number of Google searches made for information about getting an abortion. With the addition of San Francisco, OAASYS is now running Google ads in 9 of the Top 10 cities in the country, and in 26 cities in total!

Every time we activate OAASYS service in a new city, we are moving one step closer to achieving our vision of your sponsored ads reaching every woman who does a Google search for information about getting an abortion, in every community across the country, 24/7/365.

Remember that the impact you have is amplified when one of your sponsored ads redirects a woman away from Planned Parenthood, and connects her instead to a Pregnancy Help Center. When a woman is connected to a Pregnancy Help Center, not only do you give her a chance to change her mind about getting an abortion, but when she does change her mind and chooses lifeit also hurts Planned Parenthood’s business.

If you have seen the movie Unplanned, you may recall the gripping scene when Abby Johnson’s boss, Cheryl, informs Abby that Planned Parenthood’s business model, the way it makes its profits, is by providing abortions. Last year, Planned Parenthood reported that it performed 332,757 abortions at its facilities across the country. That equates to a lot of profit to fuel its abortion business, so each time one of your sponsored ads results in Planned Parenthood losing a client, it weakens their business.

Our team at Heroic Media is grateful to you for your willingness to stand up to Planned Parenthood every day by providing OAASYS the fuel it needs to reach more women, redirect them away from Planned Parenthood, and connect them instead to hope and help at pro-life Pregnancy Help Centers.


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