It is your generosity that enables OAASYS to help save lives from abortion.

Recall that your sponsored internet advertisements through OAASYS help save lives from abortion in two ways. First, Emergency Response ads on Google redirect women away from Planned Parenthood, connecting them instead to pro-life Pregnancy Help Centers. These ads help save lives from abortion today. Second, Education and Awareness 30-second online video ads on social media channels help save lives from abortion in the future by educating young women about the hope and help available to them at Pregnancy Help Centers, should they ever face an unexpected pregnancy.

OAASYS achieved a very important milestone last week for the Education and Awareness internet video program, and our team at Heroic Media is deeply grateful to you for helping OAASYS reach more young women across our country every day with these videos.

Thanks to your generosity, the Education and Awareness videos have now been watched over 5 million times since we started the program in 2017! These videos are now reaching women in 26 cities, including 21 of the Top 25 cities in the country. Every 5 seconds, a young woman somewhere in the country watches one of your sponsored Education and Awareness video ads on her smartphone.

Achieving this milestone is so important because research reveals that more than 50% of women in our country – over 13 million women between the ages of 18 to 29 – don’t even know what a Pregnancy Help Center is. It is common sense that if women don’t know about Pregnancy Help Centers BEFORE they face an unexpected pregnancy, then women will not go to Pregnancy Help Centers WHEN they face an unexpected pregnancy.

But now, with every day that passes, more young women are learning about Pregnancy Help Centers. Your gifts to Heroic Media are the fuel that empowers OAASYS to reach more women with these life-saving videos. Thank you for sacrificing to enable millions of young women to know that Pregnancy Help Centers offer the hope and help they need should they face an unexpected pregnancy in the future!


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