At Heroic Media, we know that our benefactors have a great desire to defend women facing unexpected pregnancies from the grip of Planned Parenthood.

One courageous way to defend these women is to become a sidewalk counselor, standing in front of Planned Parenthood as a last line of defense, attempting to minister to pregnant women as they enter the facility to obtain an abortion.

As beautiful as the sidewalk counseling ministry is, it requires your presence and, therefore, your time. Additionally, you may not feel comfortable or confident engaging in sidewalk counseling.

What if there was an “automated” way for you to defend women facing unexpected pregnancies from Planned Parenthood?

Automation is a powerful force. Automated processes enable us to accomplish things without having to be physically present. In a sense, automation “multiplies” our time because we can do things with our time while an automated process is simultaneously accomplishing other tasks for us.

Heroic Media’s OAASYS is a great example of the power of automation. OAASYS is programmed to automatically deliver your sponsored Google ads to women on their smartphones right at the critical moment in their lives, when they are doing a Google search for getting an abortion.

Whether you are at home, at work, or at play, OAASYS is working hard on your behalf to reach women with your sponsored Google ads, redirect them away from Planned Parenthood, and connect them instead to one of Heroic Media’s carefully selected Pregnancy Help Center partners.

Your sponsored ads, utilizing OAASYS, help you protect women from Planned Parenthood as a first line of defense, minute by minute, hour by hour, day after day, every day, to help save lives from abortion.

OAASYS never sleeps, and we are grateful that you entrust us with your generous gifts so that we can activate OAASYS in more markets to help you, automatically, defend more women from Planned Parenthood.