In last week’s update, we briefly explored how 4G+ wireless networks have enabled “narrowcast” advertising. With over 250 million smartphones in the U.S. connected to 4G+ networks, there are now over 250 million unique channels through which advertisers can reach individuals. Amazingly, that number continues to grow!

Such a large supply of available advertising capacity has dramatically lowered the cost of advertising compared to traditional “one-to-many” mass media advertising methods. However, an advertiser benefits from narrowcast advertising only to the extent that a large segment of the target audience owns a smartphone.

We are very fortunate that at least 94% of individuals in the U.S. aged 18-29 own smartphones. I say “at least” because that data point from Pew Research’s most recent report is dated as of the end of 2017. The ownership percentage is likely even higher now.

Source: Cisco Systems

A high percentage of smartphone ownership among young women is a key success factor for our OAASYS advertising campaigns because, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 70% of all abortions in the U.S. are obtained by women between the ages of 18-29 years old.

As you know, our objective at Heroic Media is to invest your generous gifts in OAASYS advertising campaigns that redirect abortion-seeking women away from Planned Parenthood, connecting them instead to pro-life Pregnancy Help Centers.

To achieve that objective, we must meet these young women where they are, and as you have probably noticed when you go out in public, young women spend much of their time glued to their smartphones.

Whether a young woman is doing a Google search for information on obtaining an abortion, or is simply watching a video on her favorite YouTube channel, her smartphone provides a window of opportunity through which Heroic Media’s OAASYS ad campaigns can first reach her, and then connect her to information about pro-life Pregnancy Help Centers.Of course, there are many available “windows” on the internet where young women can choose to get their information.

In the next update, I will reveal the particular windows Heroic Media’s OAASYS employs to achieve the greatest impact with your generous gifts.


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