“Good morning. Thank you for calling Women’s Medical Center, where we strive to provide you with the compassionate care you deserve. Your comfort is our priority.”

The voice on the phone was professional and warm. She made me feel right at home.

“Can I interest you in a pain-free, done-at-your-convenience medical abortion today?”

Until that last sentence, you might have assumed that I was speaking with one of Heroic Media’s many top-notch Pregnancy Help Center partners.

Instead, this was a prolific abortion facility I had recently mystery called.

“Mystery calling” is a powerful tool used by telemarketing companies to assess the effectiveness of their staff in handling telemarketing calls.

In our case, I mystery call both abortion facilities and pregnancy centers in an effort to help our Pregnancy Help Center (PHC) partners improve the way they answer calls from women who are looking for information about how to get an abortion.

The “customer service” I received on the phone from the abortion facility was impressive: she made me feel as if obtaining an abortion was no big deal, similar to getting a manicure at the nail salon. She normalized the abortion process and tried hard to dispel any reservations. “You will feel just fine. Our doctor is very experienced, and many women get this done here. We will take care of you.”

Contrast this very professional approach with the customer service I received when I mystery called a pregnancy center located in one of the top abortion cities:

Me: “Hi. I’m pregnant. I think I need an abortion. Do you do abortions?”

Pregnancy Center: “No. We do not.”

Me: (Stalling to see if they might try to engage me more) “Eh, so… do you know where I can go?”

Pregnancy Center: “No.”

Clearly, if I were a true abortion seeker, where do you think I would go for help?

Heroic Media’s Emergency Response Google ads are very effective at reaching abortion seekers and connecting them with our local Pregnancy Help Center partners. However, once the call is connected, whether the caller will schedule that critical appointment and, ultimately, receive in-person, life-saving help, depends entirely on how skillfully that phone call is handled.

If the phone call follows the trajectory of the call with the pregnancy center I shared above, it is highly unlikely the center will successfully book an appointment. The result would be that your generous gifts that sponsored the Google ad that made that connection… would be wasted.

To avoid this, our team at Heroic Media takes great pains to make sure we equip each of our Pregnancy Help Center partners to be as effective as possible when on the phone answering that critical phone call.

It is a prerequisite that every Heroic Media PHC partner receives individualized phone training from me before we connect them with abortion-seeking callers.

Once the Emergency Response Google advertising campaign has launched, I continue to follow up with every partner to help troubleshoot any phone challenges and provide ongoing training.

For the majority of our ad campaigns, phone calls are recorded, which provides an incredible training tool to help center staff gain more confidence and competence.

We launched a web-based training portal which contains a wealth of information our partners can use to coach their teams on continually upgrading their skills for effectively handling phone calls from abortion-minded women.

The executive director of one of our PHC partners recently made this comment while I was helping to train her team: “We are truly thankful for this partnership with Heroic Media. You help us think through how we can be better in what we do. We were in a stagnant paradigm for so long, but you showed us how we needed to change our hotline talking points so we can become more effective. Thank you!”

Your gift to Heroic Media is not only reaching and connecting abortion seekers with life-affirming help, it is also equipping our Pregnancy Help Center partners to become more effective in offering that help.

You are making a difference on a profound level, and our team is deeply grateful to you. Thank you!


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