I recently attended a banquet that raised funds for one of Heroic Media’s Pregnancy Help Center partners. It was a great joy to have the opportunity to speak with some of the benefactors who support this center, and ask them why they had decided to give so generously to help advance the center’s mission.

During those discussions, it became clear to me that more pro-life supporters are beginning to understand the difference between Pregnancy Resource Centers and Pregnancy Help Centers.

The primary mission of Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) is to provide material support to women facing unexpected pregnancies. While it’s true that these women could still be viewed as “abortion vulnerable” due to lack of basic material needs, the majority of women who receive help from Pregnancy Resource Centers are not actively seeking to get an abortion at Planned Parenthood. In other words, when they contact a PRC, they are already likely to carry their pregnancies to term.

Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs), on the other hand, aim to directly compete against Planned Parenthood by serving women who are actively seeking to get an abortion. The staff who work at Pregnancy Help Centers know well that women decide to get an abortion because they are afraid of something. When the staff at a PHC have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with an abortion-minded woman, they can get to the bottom of what is causing her fear, and offer her compassionate solutions to effectively counter that fear. Many times this results in the woman changing her mindabout getting an abortion, and choosing life for her preborn baby.

Heroic Media works exclusively with well-trained PHCs. These PHCs are so effective that our results-tracking metrics at Heroic Media indicate that compassionate counseling, in combination with a woman seeing an ultrasound of her preborn baby, will result in approximately 50% of abortion-minded women changing their minds about getting an abortion, and choosing life.

Committed, equipped and well-trained PHCs are the key factor that make OAASYS effective. Our PHC partners are the cornerstone of the OAASYS service that you so generously support. Your generosity enables Heroic Media to both train our current PHC partners to become even more effective at helping save lives from abortion, and find PHC partners in cities where we want to activate OAASYS in order to achieve our Vision 2020.

Our team at Heroic Media is deeply grateful to you for partnering with us to pursue our shared vision of a Heroic Media ad appearing next to a Planned Parenthood ad for every search made for information about getting an abortion, 24/7/365, in every city across the country.


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