Recently, I explained how Heroic Media has successfully stretched your philanthropic dollars to achieve greater impact in the years 2017 and 2018, when compared to the baseline year of 2016.

Specifically, in 2017, 2.05 times more preborn babies’ lives were saved from abortion for each philanthropic dollar we received than in 2016. Notably, in 2018, 3.08 times more preborn babies’ lives were saved from abortion for each philanthropic dollar we received compared to 2016.

I am sure you are curious how Heroic Media has achieved this “multiplier” effect with your generous gifts.

There are many factors that contributed to this success, but there is one element in particular that plays the most significant role. That element is the measurable, increased effectiveness of our Pregnancy Help Center (PHC) partners in successfully ministering to abortion-minded women, helping them change their minds about getting an abortion and instead choosing life for their preborn babies.

Heroic Media has one full-time team member, Elaine Russo, our Director of Pregnancy Center Training, dedicated exclusively to helping our PHC partners become more effective at caring for abortion-minded women.

Before joining Heroic Media five years ago, Elaine was seasoned by more than 10 years as the Executive Director for Pregnancy Help Centers in both Boston and Philadelphia. Drawing on her extensive experience battling Planned Parenthood on the front lines, Elaine shares with our PHC partners proven strategies for effectively changing the hearts and minds of abortion-minded women. When our PHC partners implement our proven strategies, they typically experience an increase in the number of abortion-minded women who choose life. Ultimately, these women choose life because they were connected to our PHC partners by your OAASYS ads.

We are developing new programs that will continue to achieve greater impact for each philanthropic dollar you contribute. Our exciting newest program, is our Pregnancy Help Center Training web portal.

Screenshot of Heroic Media’s Pregnancy Help Center Training web portal

Heroic Media’s training portal enhances the live training sessions Elaine periodically conducts for each of our PHC partners. It will become the go-to place where the staff of our PHC partners will have on-demand access to recorded training covering best practices for effectively ministering to abortion-minded women.

In addition, the portal offers a “Center-to-Center Forum” where our PHC partners can interact to share expertise with each other, and where our newer PHC partners can ask questions of our more veteran PHC partners.

This training portal will increase the impact of your gifts to Heroic Media, and our team is deeply grateful to you for making this possible!



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