Recently, I made the claim that if a woman doesn’t know about Pregnancy Help Centers before she faces an unexpected pregnancy, then she won’t go to a Pregnancy Help Center when she faces an unexpected pregnancy.

In other words, how can we expect a woman to take advantage of a service that she doesn’t even know exists?

Unfortunately, recent nationwide research reveals that in the United States, at least 13 million women between the ages of 18-29 years old do not know about Pregnancy Help Centers.

From a marketer’s perspective, the challenge is not that women aren’t aware of the name of any particular Pregnancy Help Center.

They aren’t even aware of the category of pro-life Pregnancy Help Centers.

To demonstrate the importance of category awareness, let’s look at a different industry that is relatively new.

By now, you are likely aware of so-called “ridesharing” services provided by organizations like Uber and Lyft. Ridesharing is the category. Uber and Lyft are brand names that compete within the category of ridesharing. If you are like most consumers, you became aware of ridesharing within the last few years – but did you know that Uber was already operating in many cities seven years ago, in 2012?

You likely weren’t aware of the ridesharing category seven years ago, but you were almost certainly aware of the category “taxi services.” And if you were traveling to another city, taking a taxi was the only form of personal transportation where someone was driving you from one location to another. In other words, taxi services as a category had a monopoly on “location to location” personal transportation services.

Then the ridesharing category came onto the scene, to compete directly with the taxi services category.

And in 2017, only five years after the appearance of the ridesharing category, there were more rideshare drivers than there were taxicab drivers.

In similar fashion, the mission of Heroic Media’s OAASYS Education and Awareness 30-second online video advertising is to rapidly raise awareness about the category of pro-life Pregnancy Help Centers, so that more women facing unexpected pregnancies will choose the services of these centers instead of choosing the services of the “abortion providers” category.

Your generous gifts enable Heroic Media’s OAASYS to reach thousands more young women with these precise and cost-effective videos every day across our country.

Our team at Heroic Media is deeply grateful to you for your commitment to help close the awareness gap between the abortion provider category and the pro-life Pregnancy Help Center category. Thank you!


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