“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” wrote King Solomon in Proverbs.

Being human means we are familiar with disappointment and the crushing heartache it can bring.

However, in the hands of the Almighty God Who wastes nothing in our lives, He uses disappointment to facilitate our growth and bring about a greater redemptive good.

Solomon implied this in the next line of his verse: “A desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”

Trusting God with the disappointment of a hope deferred opens the way for us to experience the life-giving joy of a desire He fulfills!

When Meena found out she was pregnant, her heart was crushed.

She had always prided herself on being an overachiever, and placed a high premium on academic success.

She’d worked hard to obtain her degree in her home country, but once she came to the United States, she suffered the first in a series of major disappointments when she found out her degree was not recognized here.

Undaunted, and armed with a perfectionistic work ethic, Meena started from scratch and was in the process of working hard to complete another degree in the United States.

She was determined that no obstacle would stand in her way.

She was not counting on an unexpected pregnancy!

Devastated, Meena felt that having a baby at this time would surely derail all the hard work she had put in so far, and she could not allow that.

Abortion, she believed, would be her best “option.”

In her internet search for abortion services, Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad came up at the top of her search results.

She was connected right away with our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Wanting to find resolution to her “problem” as quickly as possible, Meena made an appointment for her and her husband to be seen.

It was immediately apparent to the client advocate they met with that, while Meena seemed adamant about aborting, her husband was not in agreement.

He pleaded with Meena: “This baby will be a blessing and will bring us joy.”

This father’s heart was clearly broken over the thought of losing his baby.

He implored Meena to reconsider, encouraging her that “it would be ok to take time off from school.”

The client advocate compassionately mediated between husband and wife and helped Meena see that any disruption to her studies caused by the pregnancy would not be permanent.

In fact, many women have been able to successfully complete their studies even when they have babies!

In her situation, the “hope deferred” of completing her studies would be momentary, for she would be able to resume.

However, if she aborted her baby, that would be a disappointment that could never be reversed.

Most importantly, Meenacame to realize that the pregnancy she had perceived as being a crushing disappointment was really used by God to be an appointed blessing upon her and her husband!

Encouraged by her husband’s love and support, and moved by the compassion she received at our partner center, Meena made the choice for life!

Many women have been driven to choose abortion because of how Satan uses disappointments in their lives to turn them against the love of God.

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS helps to provide, tomothers like Meena, the compassionate help from a PHC which reverses the tide for them, and changes a disappointment into a divine appointment!


Proverbs 13:12: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”


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