What is OAASYS?

OAASYS is an acronym that stands for On-demand Alternatives to Abortion SYStem. OAASYS is a tool that counters Planned Parenthood’s advertising efforts. Planned Parenthood, the standard-bearer of the abortion industry, kills over 900 babies in their mothers’ wombs every single day.

There are many pro-life people who feel frustrated because they want to rescue women and their babies from Planned Parenthood’s grip, but they’re not sure how to do that. These pro-lifers don’t have the time to commit to working at a Pregnancy Help Center (PHC) or engage in sidewalk counseling in front of Planned Parenthood. Or, even if they do have the time, they don’t believe they have the skills to be effective at it, or they’re just not comfortable doing it. This leaves many pro-lifers questioning whether there is any way they can contribute to help women change their minds about getting an abortion at Planned Parenthood.

And the answer is yes, there is a way, because that is exactly what OAASYS does! Heroic Media designed it to give pro-life individuals the opportunity to sponsor Internet advertisements that directly compete against Planned Parenthood’s Internet ads. OAASYS places “Emergency Response” sponsored ads in Google’s search results when a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy does a search for information about how to get an abortion.

If a woman responds to the ad placed by Heroic Media, utilizing OAASYS, she will have the opportunity to connect and make an appointment with one of Heroic Media’s carefully selected Pregnancy Help Center partners.

If she follows through on that opportunity and visits the PHC, she will be embraced with compassionate care by center team members who are committed to quelling whatever fear is causing her to consider an abortion.

Many times, that outpouring of love is all it takes for a woman to address her fears and change her mind about getting an abortion, and instead choose life for her preborn baby.

When that decision for life happens, a baby’s life is saved. The mother’s soul and conscience are saved. And you, the benefactor who sponsored that Google ad through Heroic Media’s OAASYS service, experiences the joy of knowing you played an essential role in the process that saved a life from abortion.

Is OAASYS effective at reaching abortion-minded women?

We design our ads to appeal to the “hardest of the hard cases. ”There are some women facing unexpected pregnancies who are so filled with fear about their situations that they believe getting an abortion is the only answer. We identify these women as “abortion-minded” or “abortion-determined.”

When one of these women initiates a Google search for information about getting an abortion, Heroic Media has configured OAASYS to always place an ad in the highest position possible on the search results page, above all the other ads, including Planned Parenthood’s ads. However, Planned Parenthood’s system also competes for that same top ad position, so sometimes our ads appear in the top position above Planned Parenthood’s, and sometimes in the second position below Planned Parenthood’s ad.

According to Google’s advertising system metrics, OAASYS achieves an average ad position of 1.5 across all the cities where OAASYS is active. That means our ads appear in the top position 50% of the time, and in the second position 50% of the time. It is very important to achieve as high an ad position as possible in Google’s search results, because women searching for information about getting an abortion want that information immediately. And they assume that the ad appearing in the top position is the one most relevant to their search. Women will respond to the ad in the top position much more often than ads appearing below the top position.

Do OAASYS ads appear for every Google search that abortion-minded women make?

It is possible that OAASYS can make one of our ads appear for every Google search made in any city where we actively counter Planned Parenthood’s advertising. However, practically speaking, whether or not OAASYS can make an ad appear to compete against a Planned Parenthood ad for every search made is a financial question.

Google’s advertising platform is a bidding system where advertisers compete against each other, in an auction style format, for top ad positions in Google’s search results. We have to bid at least as much money as Planned Parenthood in order to place an ad in the top position on the Google search results page when a woman does a search for information about getting an abortion.

Planned Parenthood is very well-funded, so they bid a substantial amount of money to get a top ad position, and we have to match Planned Parenthood’s bid to compete effectively against their ads.

In addition, we have to budget funds sufficient to cover the total number of ad responses available to OAASYS in any city on a given day. For us to achieve total ad coverage for every city in the country, 24/7/365, we will require a budget of approximately $9 million per year.

Total ad coverage is our ultimate goal. That’s our “Vision 2020,” to achieve total, nationwide ad coverage by the end of the year 2020.

We want to give more pro-lifers across the country the opportunity to sponsor ads through OAASYS so that we can compete against Planned Parenthood’s ads for EVERY Google search that abortion-minded women make. We want to make sure that we don’t miss even one opportunity to connect abortion-minded women with Pregnancy Help Centers.

Why is OAASYS important? Where does it fit in the larger pro-life movement?

The pro-life movement has been waging a “war” against pro-abortion forces for close to 50 years. Beneath the higher-level philosophical war that continues to rage between pro-life and pro-abortion forces, there is another layer of daily battles taking place at a business level between Planned Parenthood and Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs). The aim of these daily battles is to attract women facing unexpected pregnancies who are abortion-minded, one woman at a time, thousands of times every single day. Planned Parenthood offers a woman an abortion, and on the other side, Pregnancy Help Centers offer hope and help to a woman, facilitating her decision to choose life for her child.

On the supply side of these daily battles, from the perspective of the number of locations offering services, there are effective Pregnancy Help Centers in every city where Planned Parenthood operates its abortion facilities. These PHCs are equipped and trained to compete effectively against Planned Parenthood. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that, on the whole, PHCs historically have not been successful at getting young women to take advantage of the services they offer. In other words, Planned Parenthood has gained a significant competitive advantage over Pregnancy Help Centers on the demand side of the daily battles to win clients.

We only need to look at the data to see that PHCs have been weak at generating demand for their services. We know that 1) Planned Parenthood is still doing over 900 abortions every day on average, and 2) research reveals that less than half of women in the United States even know what a Pregnancy Help Center is.

Simply stated, if a woman doesn’t know about Pregnancy Help Centers before she faces an unexpected pregnancy, then she WILL NOT GO to a Pregnancy Help Center when she faces an unexpected pregnancy.

The primary role of OAASYS, in the pro-life movement, is to help PHCs overcome this competitive disadvantage against Planned Parenthood. OAASYS achieves this by reaching abortion-minded women right at the exact point in time when they use their smartphones to search on Google for information about getting an abortion.

What is Heroic Media’s vision for OAASYS?

Thanks to our generous benefactors, the reach of OAASYS continues to grow day by day, redirecting more abortion-minded women away from Planned Parenthood, and thereby decreasing demand for abortion.

Heroic Media’s vision for OAASYS is that, by the end of 2020, one of our ads will appear in Google’s search results for EVERY search made, nationwide, for information about getting an abortion. When that vision becomes reality, tens of thousands of babies’ lives will be saved, and those babies’ moms will avoid the lifelong negative effects of having an abortion.

In addition to this “Emergency Response” aspect of OAASYS, there is one other opportunity for OAASYS that will have a significant impact on reducing demand for abortion. For the past two years we have been testing the potential of a new feature within OAASYS that can effectively address the sobering reality that more than 50% of women in our country don’t even know that Pregnancy Help Centers exist.

To significantly decrease demand for abortions, the pro-life movement must find an effective way to raise awareness about PHCs above 90%, matching Planned Parenthood’s brand awareness.

There’s a very practical reason why achieving that level of brand awareness is critical. Currently there are many women who already know where a Planned Parenthood is located. Therefore, if they face an unexpected pregnancy and become abortion-minded, they don’t need to do a Google search about information on how to get an abortion. They just go straight to Planned Parenthood. And if they go straight to Planned Parenthood without doing a Google search for information about getting an abortion, we don’t get the opportunity for OAASYS to show them an ad that can redirect them away from Planned Parenthood.

There are millions of women who, before they face an unexpected pregnancy, already believe that Planned Parenthood is the answer to the difficulty of an unexpected pregnancy. This is a testament to the impact of Planned Parenthood having invested tens of millions of dollars every year, over many years, to build their brand awareness. Pregnancy Help Centers have not made these investments. The result of this lack of investment in building brand awareness is millions of young women in our country who, if they discover today that they are facing an unexpected pregnancy, do not know that they have options other than Planned Parenthood.

In early 2017, Heroic Media began our efforts to correct this awareness imbalance. Social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram decided to “go mobile” and optimize their platforms for smartphones. This enabled us to integrate OAASYS with the advertising services offered on these social media platforms.

We then launched an “Education and Awareness” program that plays 30-second video advertisements through these platforms. The goal of the 30-second videos is to make young women aware of the existence of Pregnancy Help Centers in their local areas, and also to educate them about the hope and help available to them at Pregnancy Help Centers should they, or someone they know, face an unexpected pregnancy in the future.

As of the end of June 2019, OAASYS is showing our videos in 27 cities, and importantly, that number includes all of the Top 20 cities that have the most Google searches for information about how to get an abortion. Those cities include Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Houston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Detroit, Miami, Seattle, San Diego, Boston, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore.

To date, OAASYS metrics show that we have reached over 1,700,000 women between the ages of 18-29 with these videos, and the videos have been watched approximately 7,000,000 times!

In the U.S., there are approximately 26 million women between the ages of 18-29, and our goal is not only to reach all of them by the end of the year 2020, but to also have them view the videos multiple times because repeated views are key for increasing brand awareness.

What kind of feedback do you receive about OAASYS from Heroic Media benefactors?

It depends on how active they have been in the pro-life movement. For those who are already very active, for example, engaging in activities like working at a PHC or being a sidewalk counselor in front of Planned Parenthood, they love that OAASYS provides an extremely effective tool for them to enhance their pro-life impact.

For those who have not been very active in the pro-life movement, they say OAASYS provides an opportunity for them to get involved in a way that has meaningful impact, helping them go from only “saying” they are pro-life to actually “doing” something pro-life.

Another aspect Heroic Media benefactors value about OAASYS is that it provides detailed metrics of what happened when a woman responded to one of our ads. When we claim that a benefactor’s sponsored ad helped save a life from abortion, we know that to be a fact, because we base every “verified life saved” on all the tracking data capability that OAASYS provides. Many benefactors tell us that it is very valuable to them that we can confirm that their gifts had a verifiable impact helping save lives from abortion.


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